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Buy Towels

Buy Towels

Is it time to change your existing towels, which may have faded slightly in color and are not nearly as absorbent

anymore? The main function of towels is to absorb the water you wipe off when you have been in the shower
or after washing your hands.

However, not all towels available in the market are equally good at solving this task satisfactorily. How absorbent a towel depends on the material and the quality of the material.

The material also has an effect on whether the towel flutters and how durable the color is. Whether it is a bath towel or just a small washcloth you are looking for, it is worth examining the quality of the product so that you will not be disappointed with its ability to absorb water.


buy towels


in our own webshop at you will find all the towels that are currently in our range. On our webshop, we have made it easy and clear for you to find the towels you are missing. If you know that you are looking for black towels in a specific brand, you can use the 'Sort and Filter' function. Here you can specify other search parameters, and you can sort the products according to a self-selected and specific order.




Hometowel large selection of towels

Whatever type of towel you are missing, you can find the right one here at Hometowel. We offer a large selection of towels in different sizes and price ranges, each of which can meet a specific need.

We sell towels in all kinds of colors - both plain, multicolored, and with color details. Although towels are meant to soak up water, most people prefer that the towels also fit into the style of the bathroom. Whether you have a minimalist bathroom with austere, clean lines, or whether your bathroom is full of colors, we have something for you.


You can be sure that when you shop with us, you will come home with or receive an item that is produced in durable materials. If you buy towels in Hometowel, you have ample opportunity to find towels that match. Most of the models we have in the range are available in several sizes. You can therefore combine your towel set so that your bath towels match the towel you dry your hands in.

gray towels

Explore our many brands

It is not certain that a towel for you is just a towel. It may be that you prefer some designs over others and that you have some brand favorites that you resort to every time you are looking for a new towel. You may also need inspiration on what your next purchase should be. You have the best chances of getting this by exploring our range, which exudes quality and represents towel classics and designs that are in fashion right now.

At Hometowel, we seek to meet your wishes as far as possible. In addition, we have towels from our own brand. If, in addition to wanting to upgrade your bathroom with new towels, you also want other inspiration for bathroom decor, you will find all our bathroom products here.

white towels


How to keep your towels clean

Although at Hometowel we carefully select which towels we take in, so you get the best quality, we still give you some simple tips on how to keep your towels clean, minimize the accumulation of dirt and grime and extend the life. If towels are not washed properly, they develop into bacterial bombs.

The towel is a textile product that we humans are constantly in contact with, and therefore we generally recommend that you wash your towel at 60 degrees, as this temperature is better at killing bacteria compared to a washing temperature of 40 degrees.




Have your towel retain its color

There are tips on how to preserve the color of your towels. Before using your newly purchased towels, you can start by soaking them in cold water for 24 hours. You can then wash them in the washing machine. This method helps to eliminate possible excess color and treatment from the surface of the towel. If you buy towel in dark shades, you can often find that they turn pale with time.

For this you can use exactly the same method, but further, add a shot of vinegar in the water. Not only will the color of it be clearer for longer, this will improve the absorbency of the towels.



Preserve the soft texture of your towels

You have just taken a nice, warm bath and need to dry yourself with the towel. You grab a towel that is nowhere near as soft as when you bought it. But what has gone wrong? If you take care to dry it gently so that the fibers of the fabric are not damaged, you will maintain the soft quality as long as possible. If you dry it in a dryer, shake them before so that lint that has settled to the surface is removed.


A good piece of advice is also to tumble dry with a couple of tennis balls, which give the towels a 'blow' during drying. When you wash your towel, you naturally go for a clean and fresh scent, but it is a good idea to think about how much detergent and/or rinse aid you use. Detergent makes the texture stiff, and you prevent the towel from absorbing water during washing if you use a fabric softener. Instead of a soft surface, you will get one that resembles wax.


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